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Delta Exports Pte Ltd was established with its Head Quarters in Singapore in 1993 as a trading house focusing in the commodities sector, mainly from the CIS to Asian and Mediterranean markets with a founding philosophy of "The Business Link". The product portfolio of the company can be classified under broad spectra as: Steel, Metals, Minerals & Ferro Alloys; Chemicals & Rubber and Agriproducts. The company has standardized all its activities and operations to ISO 9001 standards and is a proud recipient of awards like SME500, Singapore 1000 and Enterprise 50 organized by professional and quasi-Govt bodies in Singapore, which recognize it as one of the professionally managed companies. Delta is one of the pioneering Singaporean companies to set its feet in the CIS. Today the company is strongly placed in the CIS markets of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus with its own office networks which competitively source the products from these markets. Apart from this the company also specifically deals in supplying the factories in the CIS with their required raw materials and prefinances them to have secured allocations of their produce regularly.


Related subsidiary companies are:

Beijing Delta International Trade Co., Ltd

Qingdao Delta International Trade Co., Ltd


Specifically the company deals with the following in the rubber segment: -- Synthetic RubberStyrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR1500/1502/1705/1712)Synthetic Isoprene Rubber (Grade SKI-3 / SKI-3S / 5PM, to substitute Japan IR2200)Poly Butadiene Rubber (PBR-ND / SKD-ND,analogy of BR9000)Standard Butyl Rubber (BK-1675N, to substitute Exxon 268)Chlorinated Butyl Rubber (CBK139/150)Brominated Butyl Rubber (BBK232/239)--Nitrile Rubber (Achrylonitrile, NBR26/33, both A and M series)EPDM (7505/3605, 50/60)High Styrene Rubber (HSR1904)--SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene Block Copolymer) Chloroprene Rubber (China Origin) ---Natural RubberSTR 20 STR 10 RSS 3 ( Thai ) RSS 1 ( Thai ) SMR 20 SMR CV 60 SIR 20 SIR 10 RSS 1 ( Indonesia ) SVR 3 L Latex 60% DRC -- ChemicalsCarbon BlackCaprolactamPolystyrene HIPS 825ENaphthaleneAdipic AcidEpichlorhydrine (ECH)Bisphenol-A Normal Butyl AlcoholIsobutyl AlcoholSynthetic Petroleum ResinRubber Chemicals/Rubber Accelerator/Rubber AntioxidantDelta over a period of time established its own network of sales office through out Asia and is today a name well taken as a reliable supplier of rubber in the industry. With its vision of : Concieve, Believe and Achieve; Delta is all welcoming to feasible business proposals and partnerships for growth in its relevant field to boost up its business strength.

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